Best of Aeron Aether (Melodic Progressive House & Breaks Mix)

26 November, 2016

Best of Aeron Aether mix, including almost all my released tracks and remixes on Silk Music from the past 8 years.

Release description: “Aeron Aether has been an integral contributor and dear friend of Silk Music since the earliest days of our label’s development. With an overarching goal of showcasing intelligent and emotional electronic music, Silk Music looked to Aeron as a musical leader and sonic trailblazer. He has certainly risen to the challenge: Aeron has written many label favorites over the years and has specifically helped pioneer the genre of progressive breaks, all the while embracing the role as our label’s chief mastering engineer.”

Label: Silk Music

[00:00] 01. Elfsong & Aeron Aether – Sylleptica
[06:16] 02. Aeron Aether – Synthanelia
[11:31] 03. Aeron Aether – Aeron Is Coming
[18:16] 04. Aeron Aether & Mango feat. Civil Servants – Searching For A Memory
[25:01] 05. Abdomen Burst – Moments Of Love (Aeron Aether Remix)
[30:16] 06. Stefan Anion – Strangers (Aeron Aether Remix)
[35:46] 07. B.O.N.G. – Small Things (Aeron Aether ‘Breaks’ Remix)
[41:20] 08. Elfsong & Aeron Aether – Kaivalya
[48:50] 09. Mango & Andre Frauenstein feat. Stefan Ludik – Disappear (Aeron Aether Remix)
[53:12] 10. Predictionz – Velvet (Aeron Aether Remix)
[1:00:20] 11. Aeron Aether – Lake In The Well (Aeron Aether ‘Downtempo’ Remix)
[1:06:50] 12. Elfsong & Alex Rize – Minutiae (Aeron Aether Remix)

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