Remix work in progress – Moog Sub 37 video test

1 November, 2016

Pimping up my new remix with a juicy Moog Sub 37 bass sound: Huminal – We Dwell In The Past (Aeron Aether Remix)

Release description: “Through his Aeron Aether soubriquet, Gabor Kovacs has provided a rich historical backdrop to the progressive breaks and house movement. Early work for pioneering labels, Morphosis Records and Silk Digital, provided a platform for Kovacs to showcase the Aeron Aether name to immediate triumph. Classic tracks including “Lake in the Well”, “Synthanelia” and “Searching for a Memory” became music that defined a genre, retaining considerable popularity some five or more years later. More recent work for Mango Alley and Silk Music illustrate Aeron Aether’s continued relevance while a remix of Artem Kalalb’s “Limb” for Particles in early 2016 showed a return to form after a quartet of remixes between 2008 and 2011. Reworking Huminal, Aeron Aether’s trademark sound is fully to the fore. Using the familiar melody to open the narrative, a wonderfully inventive reconfiguration of the original elements supplies a golden groove that bristles with energy and a new dynamism. A highly impressive work, Aeron Aether’s passion, skill and technique are in full evidence.”

Label: Particles

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