Tekara ft Lucy Cotter – I Breathe In You (Aeron Aether Breakbeat Remix)

15 March, 2017

Tekara (Matt Darey) ft Lucy Cotter – I Breathe In You (Aeron Aether breakbeat remix) full version is on YouTube now!

“Originally produced in 1995, one of Matt Darey’s early breakbeat projects now with a 2013 face lift by one of a few producers still mastering the breaks sound Aeron Aether.”

I breathe in you like a new born child let free
As the last few dreams flow from my head
I feel the numbness hit the bed
Count down of ten, reversing the flow means seeing the real thing
I hope you remember the things that we said
I hope you still love me if they find me dead

I breathe in you

I see two as my mind floats far away from here
As my head is falling back
The room begins to turn black